Viêt Nam

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This preparatory meeting is taking place ahead of the joint meetings with the Vietnamese counterparts scheduled for the second week of November. It will also give the EU DAG the opportunity to receive un update from DG Trade on the implementation of the FTA as well as a timely update on TSD-related issues and implementation.

As part of their preparation ahead of the joint meetings, the members of the EU DAG will present the papers drafted by the working groups within the work programme for the mandate 2020-2023.


The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA) envisages that DAG members of each Party meet together at a Civil Society Forum to conduct a dialogue encompassing sustainable development aspects of trade relations between the Parties. Representatives from trade unions, business organisations, environmental groups and other civil society organisations are invited to the online public session of the Joint Forum under the Trade Agreement between the European Union and Vietnam. Participants will have the chance to exchange views on matters related to the implementation of the Trade and Sustainable Development Chapter of the EU-Vietnam Trade Agreement.