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    The 9th EU-Korea Civil Society Forum (CSF) will take place on 4-5 September 2023 in Brussels. The event will start with a workshop discussing cooperation in international fora on environment and climate and the state of play of CSR in the EU and Korea.

    During the CSF, the members of the Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs) will discuss digital economy and its connections to sustainability, circular economy and environmental policy developments, as well as labour relations in the light of the rise of platform work and other non-standard forms of work. They will in particular assess the implementation progress of the 2021 Panel of Experts’ report and recommendations in the presence of a representative from the ILO. In addition to that, the members will discuss a review of the rules of procedure for the CSF.

    Joint conclusions, prepared by both sides, will be discussed and adopted.

  • During the meeting, the EU DAG will elect its presidency for the 2023-2025 term and have a tour de table to introduce the respective members and the organisations they represent.

  • During this meeting, the EU DAG will discuss with the expert the final draft report for the desk study on "Non-Standard employment and platform work on the international arena – with a specific focus on the point of view from Korea". It will likewise be an opportunity for members to receive an update from DG Trade on the implementation of the TSD Chapter and the follow-up of the recommendations of the Panel of Experts. The EU DAG Chair will also report on the hearing of the DAGs at the European Parliament's INTA Committee meeting, held on 21 March 2023.

    Finally, the members will summarize the 2020-2023 mandate and exchange views on the future priorities of the EU DAG.

  • This 25th meeting of the EU DAG for Korea will be the occasion for the members who participated at the joint meetings in Seoul on 13-14 September 2022 to report back to the EU DAG, and for the European Commission's DG TRADE to report from the meeting of the Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development.

    The Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula of the European Parliament has also been invited to the meeting to report on the EP delegation's mission to Seoul, which also took place this autumn.

    In addition to that, the EU DAG members will discuss the preliminary draft inception report for the desk study on platform work.

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    Joint meeting

    The 8th EU-Korea Civil Society Forum (CSF) will take place on 13 September 2022 in Seoul. During the meeting, the DAGs will exchange views on the EU and the Korea DAGs’ experiences since the first meeting in 2012. Participants will also discuss ILO fundamental conventions, as well as Occupational Safety and Health in the presence of a representative from the ILO. Climate initiatives in the EU and Korea with special focus on carbon neutrality and green growth, CBAM from an EU business perspective and the Korean Carbon Neutrality Action Plan are other items on the agenda.

    The CSF will be completed on 14 September with a workshop on the topic of "Platform work in the EU and Korea" and a presentation on "Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence".

  • Hybrid meeting via Teams

    This meeting takes place after the Civil Society Forum held in April and it will give the opportunity for the EU DAG members to follow up on the joint meeting with its Korean counterpart and discuss activities ahead.

    It will also be the occasion to receive a timely update from DG Trade on the implementation of the TSD chapter and the outcome of the interim meeting of the Committee on TSD, which will be held on 9-10 November.

    Lastly, a fruitful exchange of views is expected to take place with a Member of the European Parliament in the context of the relations between the EU and the Republic of Korea.

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    7e réunion du Forum de la société civile UE-Corée dans le cadre de l'accord de libre-échange UE-Corée

  • Virtual Meeting - WEBEX Bruxelles Belgique

    Le UE-DAG se réunira pour préparer les prochaines réunions conjointes avec les homologues coréens. Les membres discuteront de l'état d'avancement des travaux sur la mise en œuvre de l'ALE UE-Corée, de la situation commerciale dans le contexte de la pandémie et des recommandations du groupe d'experts dans le cadre de la procédure de règlement des différends au titre du chapitre sur le commerce et le développement durable de l'UE -Korea FTA.

  • 21e réunion 'UE-DAG dans le cadre de l'accord de libre-échange UE-République de Corée

  • Au cours de la réunion, le GCI de l'UE discutera des progrès réalisés par les deux Parties à l'Accord concernant les Conventions fondamentales de l'OIT ainsi que des prochaines étapes de leur ratification et de leur mise en œuvre effective. Le GCI de l'UE échangera également des informations sur le rôle de la société civile dans l'UE et la République de Corée avec un représentant de la Commission européenne.