National Strategy / Action Plan

There is no National Strategy / Action Plan in Bulgaria

Lead Government Body

SD council or equivalent

There is no SD council or equivalent in Bulgaria


There is no Performance in Bulgaria


  • In 2018, the first steps were taken to implement the Agenda 2030.
  • Little crosscutting activity concerning Agenda 2030.
  • Local branches of Global Compact & UN Association attempt to increase Agenda 2030 awareness.

Description of the initiative


    Supporting government bodies
    National Economic and Social Council
    Sustainable Development Council
    SD council text

    Bulgaria does not have a sustainable development council

    Institutional framework

    Lead and supporting government bodies

    The Development Council chaired by the Prime Minister, which is contained within the Council of Ministers, is in charge of the political supervision of the implementation of the National Development Programme.

     On an operational level implementation and reporting is supervised by the Coordination Committee chaired by the Ministry of Finance.

    Strategic framework
    • Bulgaria adopted the "National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020" to align itself with the aims & objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy.
    • Bulgaria adopted the "National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020" to align itself with the aims & objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy. It does not mention the SDGs.
    • On June 2018, the Council of Ministers adopted a decree ordering the Development Council to develop a 'National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2030' by December 2020.
    • On January 2019, the Minister of Finance presented to the Development Council a concept of the Programme. It specifies that special attention should be given to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Program for the 2030s
    Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
    • No inforlmation except that responsibility for SDGs rests with individual ministries.
    Recent activities

    On January 2019, the National Statistic Institute presented a new report on 'Sustainable Development in Bulgaria 2005-2016'.

    The focus of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU in the context of Sustainability was on youth.

    Role of civil society

    Involvement in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
    Civil society platform for 2030

    Global Compact Network Bulgaria is a business association for implementing Agenda 2030.

    National Economic & Social Council

    • The plenary session comprises a President and 36 members, who  make up three groups of 12 members: the employers' group, employees' group and various interests' group.
    • There is one standing commission working on regional policy, sustainability and the environment.

    The Council expresses and protects civil society interests by communicating agreed statements and proposals submitted by its members to the executive and legislative authorities. To this end, it adopts opinions, resolutions and studies and holds public consultations on key economic, social, education, demographic, health or other issues.



    Monitoring & Evaluation


    UN SDSN SDG Index Country Profile
    Bulgaria is listed 36th in the SDG global ranking of 2018.


    The National Statistic Institute of Bulgaria doesn't seem to use neither the Eurostat indicators nor the SDGs to measure sustainable development

    Voluntary National Report

    No Voluntary National Review completed or being planned.