Le Président du CESE a participé à la conférence"Pleins feux sur l'emploi" à Montepulciano

Le Président du CESE, Georges Dassis, a participé à l'édition 2016 de la conférence "Pleins feux sur l'emploi", consacrée aux questions de main-d'œuvre. L'événement a abordé des diverses questions thématiques, telles que la réforme du marché du travail, le nouveau rôle des syndicats, de l'immigration et de l'innovation.

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In his speech, Mr. Dassis emphasised the importance of dedicating European resources to investments and social cohesion, also developing efficient economic governance in the EU. In this regard, he stated that 'The European economic and social models have to be based on the same values so that the produced richness will be equally shared to all citizens'. For this to be achieved, the EESC President called for "employment and social justice to be considered on the same level as the macroeconomic recommendations of the European semester".

Georges Dassis has also expressed the full support of the EESC to the European Venture Capital Fund, as the committee profoundly believes that "competition should be based on quality and productivity that comes from innovation and not from labor costs and wage cuts". The EESC President concluded by stating that any structural reform to correct economic divergences should consider each Member State's particularities, hence "macroeconomic dialogue must be reinforced in the Eurozone".

The 'Spotlight on Jobs' conference (Luci sul lavoro) was organised in the Italian city of Montepulciano, between the 7th and 9th of July, with the participation of Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labour and Social Policies.

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