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9.00      Registration and coffee


10.00    Welcome Speeches:

              Michael Smyth, Vice President Budget - EESC

              Slawomir Tokarski, Director Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing - DG GROW


10.15     Introduction: What can be expected from the event?


10.30     State of affairs: opportunities and challenges

              Moderator: Peter Baeck - Nesta

              Gaia Marcus - Centrepoint

              François Durollet -  Simplon

              Anna Sienicka – Tech Soup

              Alain Coheur – Belgian National Union of Socialist Mutual Health Funds

              Jean-Claude Mizzi – HopHopFood


11.30    Platforms for Change

             Moderator:  Alice Casey - Nesta

             Felix Weth – FairMondo

             Harry Robbins - Outlandish digital cooperative

             Ibon Zugasti – Mondragon

             Sandrino Graceffa – SMARTbe

             Elena Como – LAMA

             Antonio Longo - EESC


13.00     Lunch


14.00    New components for a future commons:

             Moderator: Peter Baeck - Nesta

             Marleen Stikker - Waag Society

             Mayo Fuster Morell – Director of Dimmons IN3 UOC and promotor of Foru

             Catherine Mulligan – Imperial College for Crypto-currency Research and Engineering

             Massimo Menichinelli - IAAC | Fab City Research Lab

             Meelis Joost - EESC


15.30    What role for public authorities? 

             Moderator: Peter Baeck - Nesta

             Fabrizio Sestini – DG CNECT, European Commission

             Ulla Engelmann – DG GROW, European Commission

             Thomas Wobben – Committee of Regions

            Sofia Ribeiro – MEP (tbc)

             Denis Stokkink – Pour la Solidarité


17.00   Conclusion Remarks 


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