La société civile comme moteur du changement vers des sociétés durables – modèles de responsabilisation de la société civile

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L'événement organisé par le CESE en marge de la réunion du Forum politique de haut niveau pour le développement durable de cette année, à New York, s'est concentrée sur les expériences en matière de participation de la société civile au sein de l’UE et dans d’autres régions du monde, et visait à définir les conditions favorables à un rôle important et actif des parties prenantes.

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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an agenda for multi-stakeholder action and partnership. Sustainable Development Goals need the full engagement of diverse non-governmental actors to put them into practice.

The High-level Political Forum session this year will focus on the theme eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world. This side event aims at contributing to this debate by looking into the broader experiences with civil society involvement in the EU and other world regions and defining enabling conditions for a strong and active role of stakeholders. Empowering citizens and civil society groups is the best way to move people out of poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity for all.

The European Economic and Social Committee, as the body representing organised civil society at the EU, feels well positioned to provide with this event an opportunity for knowledge exchange on this important aspect. By promoting the concept of participatory governance and multi-stakeholder partnerships the event also aims at contributing to SDG 17 which is included in the set of SDGs to be reviewed more in depth at the HLPF 2017.

6.15pm - 7.30pm
Conference Room 11
United Nations Conference Building