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Interprétation simultanée de l'espagnol, tchèque, danois, allemand, anglais, français, italien, polonais, roumain, suédois en allemand, anglais, français, polonais

10:00 | Accueil et ouverture

  • Krzysztof Pater, Président de l'Observatoire du marché du travail


  • Lars Engsted, Coordonnateur des politiques - Stratégie européenne pour l'emploi, DG Emploi, Commission européenne


"The effectiveness and performance of Active labour market policies (ALMP) and Public Employment Services (PES) will be presented. The results of the thematic seminar on ALMP and PES, held by DG Employment on 10 January, will be reported. Initially some theoretical and empirical results of ALMP will be shown."


  • John Hurley, Manager de recherche – Unité "Emploi et mutation", Eurofound


"Outline of measures typically described as ALMPs as well as the share of ALMP expenditure from country to country and by type of instrument as well as a summary of what recent evaluations say about the success and cost-effectiveness of individual instruments will be presented. The funding of ALMPs and policy developments during the "crisis period" from late 2008 onwards will be reviewed."


  • Michal Páleník, Directeur, Institut de l'emploi, Slovaquie


"The presentation will focus on the situation of long term unemployed in Slovak economy, which is European highest, in the negative sense. The specifics of Slovak economy and labour market call for unusual approaches, which will be illustrated on previous unsuccessful tools and possible successful ones."


  • Ingeborg Friehs, Représentante des services de l'emploi publics de l' Autriche


"Despite a budget consolidating programme the Federal Government of Austria has adopted several labour market packages seeking to combat the crisis. Three examples of measures which proved to be effective will be given: short time work, settling-in allowance and apprenticeship training."


  • Silvia Spattini, Directeur de l'Adapt – Association pour études internationales et comparatives dans le champ du droit du travail et des relations industrielles


"The presentation aims at describing the STWA system in Italy and its effects on the labour market performances. During the economic crisis, STW schemes proved effective and successful in the short run in preventing workers’ dismissal, limiting job losses as well as the rise of unemployment rates."


  • Eliza Popławska-Jodko, University of Warmia and Mazury

"The supported employment model for the people above 45 years of age - The Hot Potato Age was elaborated by a Polish non-governmental organisation. The Elbląg's Consultation Council for the Disabled as well as the Finnish PETREA Rehabilitation Centre within the project entitled "Individual Employment Paths". The said project was intended to introduce the long-term unemployed into the labour market and maintain their employment.  80% participants of the project started their work and the majority of them still maintain it. The project will be presented by Eliza Popławska-Jodko - the project coordinator."

11:35 | Débat

12:50 | Conclusions et clôture