Follow-Up Committee

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The Euromed Follow-up Committee is made up of 12 members who meet on a regular basis. Besides monitoring the situation in the region from the viewpoint of civil society, the Committee focuses on the European Neighbourhood Policy, the EU’s work in the Mediterranean region and their impact on the cooperation between the EU and its partner countries.
It also organises the yearly Euromed Summits, which bring together the Economic and Social Councils (ESCs) and civil society representatives and similar institutions in the EU and its partner countries. It publishes reports on topical issues that are subsequently presented to a large number of civil society representatives during these annual summits.
The Committee’s follow-up work is structured around four main priorities:
  • Monitoring the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy and cooperating with the partner European institutions on questions concerning civil society in the Euromed region; 
  • Cooperating on a regular basis with the Economic and Social Council partners on both shores of the Mediterranean as well as representatives of civil society from those countries which do not have an ESC;
  • Preparing the annual Euromed Summit of ESCs and similar institutions with the partner civil society institutions and organisations;
  • Monitoring the EU’s ministerial conferences and projects on the Mediterranean and contributing to the position of civil society.

Membership of the Follow-up Committee during 2015-2020


José Maria Zufiaur Narvaiza (ES), President

Employers' Group

Dimitris Dimitriadis (EL)

Helena De Felipe Lehtonen (ES)

Henri Malosse (FR)

Stefano Mallia (MT)

Workers' Group

Peter Schmidt (DE)

OzlemYildirim (FR)

Cinzia Del Rio (IT)

Various Interests Group

Jean-Marc Roirant  (FR)

Lidija Pavić-Rogošić (HR)

Luca Jahier (IT)

Oskar Wallner (SE)

Working languages

English - French - Spanish


Euromed Secretariat

Georges-Henry CARRARD, Administrator
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Samar KHANAFER, Assistant
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