Follow up committee

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The EESC has decided to set up a follow up committee with Japanese civil society in February 2009.

Its main tasks are:

  • to promote cooperation and debate between the EESC and civil society organisations in Japan.
  • to participate to the review of the Joint Action Plan (2001-2011) between EU and Japan with the aim to have the Summit endorse the inclusion of a role for the EESC in the chapter on "Bringing together peoples and cultures";
  • to monitor the civil society dimension of the EU-Japan relations and make sure that its recommendations and conclusions can be integrated in the decision making process.

The committee is supposed to meet four times a year and consists of 6 members:

Mr Krzysztof PATER (Various interests' group) Mr Krzysztof PATER (Various interests' group) - President


 Ms Eve PÄÄRENDSON (Employers' group)


Mr Georgi STOEV (Employers' group)











 Ms Laure BATUT (Workers group)











 Erika KOLLER, (Workers group)











Imse Spragg Nilsson (Various Interests group)