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    This publication is part of a series of catalogues published in the context of the exhibitions organised by the EESC.

  • Speech by President Luca JAHIER at the conference in Thessaloniki on Thursday 10 September 2015.

    Speech by President Luca JAHIER
  • Inaugural speech by President Jahier entitled: "From Austerity to Growth and Recovery: Overcoming the Socio-Economic Consequences of Greece's Crisis" delivered at the Group III extraordinary meeting in Athens, on Thursday 20 March 20104.

    Speech by Luca JAHIER
  • Conference organised by the European Disability Forum (EDF) at the EESC on 10 June 2013
    Speech by Juca JAHIER
  • Speaker
    Staffan Nilsson
    For me the situation of people with disabilities is really a matter of fairness; fairness for everyone, wherever you are from, and whatever is your social, economic or cultural background. Disabilities can affect anyone in any part of the world. It could be you, or you, or me or somebody within my family. Unfortunately, not everywhere is this recognised to the same extent and not everywhere are people with disabilities seen and treated as part of the mainstream of life – not even within Europe. Not even within Sweden.
    Staffan Nilsson opening speech at the Joint AOPD-EDF Conference
  • Image showing the title Liaison Group Newsletter
    • Editorial by EESC President, Christa Schweng
    • Barometer 2021 on participation
    • Time to move forward and build resilience in the disability services sector
    • Guidance documents on improving civil dialogue in the European Semester process
    • Civil society space post-COVID
    • European Citizens' Initiative Forum
    • Prioritising learners' well-being
    • Just Transition Monitor
    • The future of higher education in Europe ...and much more
  • In this issue:

    • Members' proposals and demands for a more inclusive Europe
    • Guest article by Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir, Vice-President, Inclusion Europe
    • Civil Society Organisations call for an EU Civil Society Strategy - Conference on 5 November
    • An amazing year - Members look back on the first year of the 2020-2025 term
    Diversity Europe Newsletter - December 2021
  • In this issue:

    • Exploring New Role Models for Societies in Europe
    • The Western Balkans - Where is their Place?
    • Debating the Liberal Professions in the age of digitalisation
    • Fundamental Rights and the Rule of law - Trends in the EU from civil society perspective
    • 4th European Justice Stakeholders' Forum Annual Plenary - Rights under threat?
    Diversity Europe Group Newsletter - December 2019
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC

    Europe III - October 2015