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  • During the energy transition towards the low-emission economy, the EU energy system faces a period of profound technological, economic and social change that will affect many of the energy sectors, including the coal industry and hence the coal-mining regions of the EU. However, the currently active coal-mining regions have to prepare for the phasing-out of coal production to be in line with EU energy and climate policy decisions on fossil fuel use or for economic reasons.

  • The Consultative Commission on Industrial Change organised seven round tables on coal transition in the past two years in various member states of the European Union. The countries visited were Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Greece. Today we have a presentation and a debate on the findings of these round tables, also with the participation of some speakers who took part in the round tables.

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    CANCELLED / Round Table "Just Transition Fund: Transition Challenges from the de-lignitisation in Western Macedonia" organised on 30-31 March 2020 in the Region of Western Macedonia (Ptolemaida) in Greece.

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