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Report on the country visit in Denmark, 21-22 December 2020 EESC Country visit
Fundamental rights and the rule of law - Denmark - Country visit report

This report relays the views of Danish civil society on freedom of association, freedom of assembly, the rule of law.

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Freedom of expression and freedom of the media EESC Country visit
Fundamental rights and the rule of law - Denmark - Country visit report
Freedom of expression and media freedom

Participants agreed that the general picture concerning freedom of expression in Denmark was good, but they also mentioned several examples referring to serious challenges. As in the previous…Show details

Freedom of assembly EESC Country visit Freedom of assembly

CSO representatives agreed that the overall environment for CSOs in Denmark was good. Many people in Denmark took part in civil society activities, although the trend was for these activities to…Show details

Fundamental rights related to social partners EESC Country visit Social partners

Participants agreed that the Danish social model was strong and well-functioning. In this model,
social partners decided on collective agreements, which many times were the basis for…Show details

Non-discrimination EESC Country visit Non-discrimination

Participants referred to a paradigm shift in Danish policy towards migrants over the recent years. They explained that, while the previous approach oriented asylum seekers to integration, the…Show details

Rule of law EESC Country visit Rule of law

Participants in this session considered that the overall situation regarding the rule of law in Denmark was good, recalling notably that the country ranked first in the global Rule of Law Index.…Show details