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1st joint meeting of the EU, Colombia and Peru Domestic Advisory Groups and open session

During the meeting, the representatives of the EU and Colombian Domestic Advisory Groups discussed the mandate and composition of the Domestic Advisory Groups as envisaged by the Trade and Sustainable Development Title, as well as possible ways of their cooperation and topics for future discussions. The participants were of the view that joint meetings of the Domestic Advisory Groups held back-to-back to the annual open sessions of the Sub-Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development with civil society provide a useful framework for a structured, in-depth discussion between the civil society representatives from the EU and Colombia and Peru. They also concurred that the Parties should facilitate presence of the Domestic Advisory Groups and other civil society representatives in the annual meetings. They should also adopt appropriate measures to strengthen capacity of Domestic Advisory Groups and other civil society organisations thus enabling them to effectively monitor implementation of the Agreement. The participants adopted a Joint Declaration which was presented to the Parties and civil society representatives at the open session held on 17 June 2015.