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Brussels Attacks: We will never forget!

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Today, once again, we stand together in solidarity to remember the innocent victims and their families, who were struck by the devastating terrorist attacks in Brussels three years ago. It is with great sadness and grievance that we prepare to mark the anniversary of this barbarous attack.

On the 22nd of March 2016, families were torn apart. In an act of cowardliness, innocent people were killed and wounded. Using devastating violence, they tried to break us and tear us apart. However, they did not succeed. Today, united we strongly affirm: We will not be broken and we will not be torn apart.

Calling into memory the victims, we can hardly remain silent in our mourning. I reach out to the families and friends of the victims affected by this terrible tragedy. It is with heartfelt condolences and my deepest sympathy that I express my support. Let me reassure you: You are not alone! Together we stand and share your grief and sadness.

On behalf of the members and the staff of the EESC, I strongly condemn any form of terrorist act. Remembering the victims of all terrorist attacks, we must never forget that our European values of peace, solidarity and open societies are the most precious assets we have as citizens of Europe. And we should do our utmost to preserve them.