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Lokakuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: EESC pushes for lowering of multinational tax disclosure threshold to below EUR 750 million; Nuclear programming: the EESC urges the EU to adopt a more comprehensive strategy; President Juncker at the EESC plenary: "There is not enough union in this Europe"; Applications for EESC Civil Society Prize hit all-time record!


EESC info October 2016

Syyskuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Europe’s steel industry needs alevel playing field to survive; Digital e-seniors and the silver economy; EESC calls for strong EU action against wildlife trafficking; EESC members engage in Europe-wide debates on the European Pillar of Social Rights.


EESC info September 2016

Heinäkuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:   EU Border Guard: right to intervene and need to prioritise the protection of fundamental rights; CIVIL SOCIETY DAYS 2016: Dialogue and solidarity at EU level are key to a prosperous and peaceful Europe; Socio-economic actors to play a key role in post-Cotonou; Migration, a story of two worlds.


EESC info July 2016 FI

Toukokuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:  Two-way integration policies will benefi t refugees and locals,according to the EESC; Civil society needs to be involved in all aspects of the Energy Union; Digital Day at the EESC; EESC Conference on the Aviation Strategy for Europe.


EESC info May 2016

Huhtikuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:  President Dassis’ statement concerning the terrorist attacks in Brussels; Interview to Gonçalo Lobo Xavier on the migration project; Members back from migration missions share their experience; New EESC study on planned obsolescence; Your Europe, Your Say! 2016; Giles Duley photograph exhibition


EESC info Apil 2016

Maaliskuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:  EESC adopts resolution and launches its campaign to support Schengen at February plenary; Europe needs to defeat poverty, children most at risk; Official visits by Georges Dassis, EESC President  to Greece, the Netherlands and Spain; New delegates on industrial change join the EESC.


EESC info March 2016

Helmikuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:  The Tunisian quartet / EESC: our partnership is more important than ever; Responsible Research and Innovation – science and civil society working together; EESC completes round of eleven fact-fi nding missions to the Member States aimed at tackling the refugee and migration crisis; Making the Circular Economy happen. Planned obsolescence back under EESC scrutiny




EESC Info February 2016

Tammikuu 2016

IN THIS ISSUE: Cycling heroes ask EU decision-makers to experience disability for just one day; Managing the refugee and migration crisis; Dutch EU presidency: focusing on the essentials; Your Europe, Your Say! 2016 - Giving a voice to young people.


EESC info January 2016

Joulukuu 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: We stand united. Statement by the President of the EESC on the terrorist attacks committed in Paris; Ozark Henry appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador for Belgium; Harmonising progress: EESC President sets out the Committee's priorities during his mandate;The new structure of the EESC; The Presidents of the Groups present their priorities.


EESC info December 2015