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Following the publication of the European Commission's Update to the New Industrial Strategy, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will be carrying out a series of activities to fulfil its role of representing the views of organised civil society. A key event in this process will be a conference held on 17 June 2021, from 2.30 to 6 p.m., on Updated industrial strategy: towards a more resilient and strategically autonomous EU industry?


The European Economic and Social Committee is currently preparing an own initiative opinion on Glass in Europe at a crossroads: delivering a greener, energy-efficient industry, while enhancing competitiveness and maintaining quality jobs. Within the EESC, the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change is responsible for the preparation of the opinion. In order to gain insights by experts from relevant sectors of civil society, the Rapporteur (Laurentiu Plosceanu), Corapporteur (Gerald Kreuzer) and President (Kestutis Kupsys) of the Study Group that is drafting the opinion have decided to organize a hearing with civil society representatives.


Digitalisation transforms societies and economies, affecting the way we live, work and relate to one another. Digital services increasingly weave into Europe’s economy and are shaping Europe's digital future and this trend has been further accelerated with the COVID-10 crisis.  

As a result, digitalisation is high on the EU policy agenda.  The European Commission has been particularly active in launching different initiatives to foster Europe's key political objective of digital sovereignty through ensuring a safe, fair, open and accountable online environment for its citizens and unleashing the potential of its Digital Single Market.

The Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act are two flagship initiatives of Europe's answer on how digital services should be provided and, more generally, on helping European societies take full advantage of the "new Economy".

AI in tackling Covid-19 crisis: opportunities and challenges & European Digital Innovation Hubs: boosting adoption of digital technologies in EU businesses

AI in tackling Covid-19 crisis: opportunities and challenges & European Digital Innovation Hubs: boosting adoption of digital technologies in EU businesses


A grand civil society kick-off event will take place on 10 June from 14:30 to 18:30. The event, named "Conference on the Future of Europe - Bringing the European project back to citizens", will officially launch the activities of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in the framework of the Conference.


561st plenary session of the EESC, with the following guests: F. Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission and D. Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice and a debate on the Resolution on the EESC's contribution to the European Commission's 2022 work programme.Web streaming

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On 7 June 2021 the European Economic and Social Committee is organising a half-day virtual hearing in the framework of its opinion on Updating the new industrial strategy for Europe. The purpose of the hearing will be to contribute to the EESC opinion and to the debate on the policy priorities in terms of strategic autonomy and industrial transformation. The event will focus on topical questions such as industrial recovery from the pandemic crisis, Europe's competitiveness on the global stage and the transition to a green and digital economy. It will also explore the need for reconstruction and transformation of European industry and it will concentrate on the role of civil society organisations in designing the future of European industry.

Empower citizens to impact the future of Europe

The 10th edition of the ECI Day exceptionally took place online and over two days. 3 June was a full day of debates on the ECI instrument, focusing on aspects key to making the ECI more powerful and strengthening participatory democracy at EU level. On 4 June, the organisers of ongoing initiatives were given the floor to present their initiatives.

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