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Civil society and expert contributions for the UN HLPF and beyond

This workshop aims to discuss priorities to strengthen the EU’s SDG leadership at home and internationally in achieving climate neutrality and sustainable development ahead of major international summits planned for this coming July and September.


Civil Society Organisations active on fundamental rights, the rule of law, and democracy are confronted with increasing difficulties, from regulatory challenges to financial constraints and concerted attacks on their work and credibility. At the hearing, the EESC intends to engage with CSOs and other relevant stakeholders to identify the main issues they face and propose ways of improving support. The hearing will feed into the opinion, which will have a particular focus on EU funding.

Evaluation and responses to the Roma housing situation

The permanent group on Inclusion of the Roma is organising a public hearing on 31 March 2023 on ''Relieving housing precarity amongst the Roma: evaluation and responses to the Roma housing situation''. The Roma are amongst the most deprived communities in Europe, some of them living in segregated areas and inadequate housing conditions. The hearing will look at the housing situation of the Roma population, focusing on its financing and on the problem of segregation.  It will look at the objectives of the EU Roma strategic framework 2020-2030 in relation to housing, discussing recommendations and identifying best practices.

Your participation and input are most welcome!


The 11th meeting of the EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform took place on 30 March 2023. During the meeting, a debate focused on assessing the progresses of Moldova in the implementation of the European Commission recommendations regarding its accession to the EU, as well as the state of play of the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.


As in previous years, the Bureau of the European Migration Forum has decided to organise a consultation with civil society on the topic of the next Forum. This consultation consists of a survey and a meeting on 30 March.

Hearing with CSOs of Kosovo*

This years' meeting of the EESC's Western Balkans Follow-up Committee outside of Brussels took place on 29 March 2023 in Pristina, Kosovo, and it included a hearing with the local civil society organisations (CSOs).

The goal of the hearing was to listen to the views on the role of civil society in Kosovo as well as to hear their concerns, and to convey these messages to the political authorities of Kosovo and of the EU.

The following topics were discussed at the hearing:

  • 2023 European Year of Skills: skills, education and youth policy in Kosovo
  • State of social dialogue in Kosovo
  • Enabling civic space in Kosovo