Civil Society Media Seminar 2019: The EU is (FOR) YOU

The European Economic and Social Committee's 13th Civil Society Media Seminar will look at the EU's achievements over the past sixty years and raise the following fundamental questions:

  • Would European countries have done so well had they decided to go it alone instead of building an "ever closer union"?
  • Can they face the huge challenges that rise before them – such as the climate crisis, migration, digitalisation – by going each their own way?
  • How can civil society help foster ownership of the EU? How can communication help drive home the argument that unity is strength?
  • How to build a European public opinion capable of driving such debate?

Debates will take the shape of three thematic panels:

  • Europe equals hope - 60 years of achievements and the way forward
  • Together for Europe - Pooling forces to make Europe a lasting success
  • Democracy brings us together - How to reinforce trust in the EU through transparency, ethics in politics and respect for European values. The role of journalism as the watchdog of democracy.

The seminar is mainly directed to journalists, communications and media experts and press officers from civil society organisations representing employers, workers and other social, occupational, economic and cultural organisations across Europe.

Every year, the Civil Society Media Seminar focuses on a topic that has captured the attention of European media in the run-up to the seminar and engages journalists, academics, experts and civil society in debate. Last year's seminar in Athens addressed the topic Reasserting Europe's values -The role of civil society in protecting, promoting and reinforcing our heritage of values in view of the upcoming European elections.

Participation is on invitation only.