Civil Society Days 2019

The Civil Society Days 2019 will take place at a crucial moment for Europe, namely after the Sibiu Summit and the European elections and ahead of the constitution of the new European Parliament and European Commission.

Current pressures on our democratic systems are threatening fundamental values (respect for human rights, individual liberty, equality, the rule of law) and the civil society space within the European Union. The alarming consequence is an erosion of democracy and restricted civic space in several parts of the EU.

At the same time, there is urgency of progress regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future built on the values of solidarity and human rights, social justice, equality, democracy and participation, entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility.

Against this backdrop and in consideration of the transformation processes the EU is facing, namely on economic, energy and ecological, social, and democratic and participatory level, this year's Civil Society Days will focus on two main pillars, Democracy and Sustainability, and will explore their links and interactions.

The 2019 edition will not only be a very timely occasion for civil society organisations to address these key issues for the future of Europe but will also comprise, for the first time, parallel events on national level to engage as much as possible with citizens on crucial topics for all of us.

Considering that democracy is the vital breeding ground to create a more sustainable society, economy and environment, six interactive workshops will take a closer look at what Sustainable Democracy in Europe could mean in terms of:

  • Resilient democracies: the positive impact of civic action and organised civil society
  • Towards more inclusive youth organisations
  • Transitioning to an economy for people and planet
  • E-democracy, the advocacy power of citizens and alternative forms of active participation
  • Protecting freedom of expression in culture and education
  • Economy and democracy in the labour market: for a resilient and sustainable pathway