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  • The EESC:

    • highlights the need for proper information, education and communication on vaccination, and highlights the role of school healthcare systems and parents in this endeavour;
    • calls for strong efforts to fight misinformation and disinformation by acquiring science-based evidence and disseminating fact-based information through different channels, including social media;
    • emphasises the need for gender equality in cancer prevention measures, and calls for HPV vaccinations to be proposed to all girls and boys of a certain age, for communication on the availability of HPV vaccination for boys to be stepped up, and for information on the vaccination rates of both boys and girls in various Member States to be gathered and published.
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    On 7 March, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) rewarded five non-profit organisations for their outstanding contribution to fighting mental health disorders, which have risen dramatically in the EU.

  • On 7 March, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will award its 14th Civil Society Prize, dedicated to mental health, to five non-profit projects: two from Finland and one each from Italy, Ireland and Slovakia.

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    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is giving its flagship Civil Society Prize to non-profit projects supporting the mental well-being of Europeans

  • Young people's mental health is being increasingly compromised by the excessive use of social media, concerns about climate change and a sense of powerlessness. This is a "political" issue for the EU because it can often be linked to the labour market and housing situation facing young people

  • With the mental health of Europeans deteriorating, the EESC is urging policy-makers at EU and national levels to make it a top priority

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    Kodanikuühiskonna organisatsioonid, üksikisikud ja eraettevõtted saavad nüüd esitada oma mittetulunduslikke projekte, et konkureerida Euroopa Majandus- ja Sotsiaalkomitee auhinnale, mis on pühendatud eurooplaste vaimse heaolu toetamisele.

  • HIV prevention, continuum of care and eradicating discrimination remain critical to tackle the ongoing global public health crisis, says EESC


  • Healthcare must be people-centred and valued as a social investment, not a 'cost', concluded a conference organised by the Civil Society Organisations' Group of the EESC at the House of Europe in Stockholm on 25 May 2023. For this to happen it is necessary to change mindsets socially, economically and politically. Building on cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic, EU Member States need to join forces to build resilient and sustainable health and care systems that leave no one behind and value the work of care workers, civil society organisations and volunteers.

  • Inaugural speech at the conference 'Health, Care and Prosperity after Covid-19: Swedish and European Perspectives', Stockholm, 25 May 2023