Artificial intelligence in the automotive sector (supplementary opinion)

The INT section is currently preparing an opinion on the Commission's Communication "Building Trust in Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence" COM(2019)168.

The Commission considers that in order to achieve ‘trustworthy AI’, three components are necessary: (1) it should comply with the law, (2) it should fulfil ethical principles and (3) it should be robust.

Based on these three components and the European values, the guidelines identify seven key requirements that AI applications should respect to be considered trustworthy. The guidelines also include an assessment list to help check whether these requirements are fulfilled.

The seven key requirements are:

  • Human agency and oversight
  • Technical robustness and safety
  • Privacy and data governance
  • Transparency
  • Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness
  • Societal and environmental well-being
  • Accountability

The CCMI previous experience on the automotive sector is a solid asset to produce a supplementary opinion on this particular Automotive Sector.