Education and vocational training in the Euromed region (Information report)

Information report: Education and vocational training in the Euromed region (Information report)

Key points

The present document (which has been enriched with several comments and recommendations by the 2018 Euromed Summit participants) does not intend to provide a description or exhaustive evaluation of the education and vocational training situation in the Euromed region, which other institutions have already carried out (in particular the European Training Foundation – ETF – and academics, researchers, and other European bodies and research centres). It aims to:

  • stimulate a joint analysis and debate to deepen mutual knowledge and to prevent the reproduction of stereotypes that may hinder positive discussions among labour representatives and civil society in the Euromed region;
  • highlight the strategic role that EVT can play, if it is accessible to all, guaranteed by quality public services, with qualified and well-paid staff, and in close contact with all stakeholders, the social partners, and the community. This will make an essential contribution to the consolidation in the region of strong democracies, societies with less inequalities and solid economies, which could enable a successful Euromed partnership, with respect for diversity, and recognition of the value of the contributions that each country could make;
  • encourage Euromed partners to pursue common tools and good practices, in order to address the challenges they face in achieving a better and more efficient EVT. Among others: the mutual recognition of skills and capabilities, the improvement of employability and professional development of workers and EVT staff, increasing mobility opportunities for educators, students and workers, and ensuring that women and young people also from rural areas can access quality EVT, providing career guidance and counselling; and
  • affirm that investment in EVT, oriented (primarily but not exclusively) to young people is one of the best responses to the challenges of unemployment/underemployment, which is one of the main reasons for increasing migration flows from these countries, and of closing the mismatch between supply and demand in the Mediterranean world of work. An effective way of preventing differences, inequalities and conflicts, and working for a coherent and targeted investment plan in the region in key productive sectors in order to encourage a sustainable co-development of the Euromed region.