Social dimension of aviation (report)

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Composition of the study group

Administrator: Kristian KRIEGER

Assistant: Nadezhda SERTOVA

Foreseen for the TEN Section meeting: 3 July 2019
Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session: 17-18 July 2019

Gist of the Commission document

In 2017, the EU not only celebrated 25 years of its internal market for aviation, it also proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Air transport rules have been harmonised within the EU, guaranteeing that all operators, wherever they are located in the EU, have the same access to the air transport market. However, social protection and labour law remain primarily a responsibility of the Member States. This means that while all aviation staff benefit from the protection offered by EU law they may enjoy different rights and levels of protection depending on the national law that applies to them. This situation can be particularly challenging for aircrew (i.e. cabin crew and pilots) due to the cross border nature of their jobs.

With its report, the Commission takes stock of progress on the social agenda in aviation which was set out in the 2015 aviation strategy. Focussing on aircrews, and in line with the Commission's political priorities on jobs, growth and fairness, the report reviews the main opportunities and challenges for aircrews today, while aiming to improve legal certainty for mobile aircrew. It also identifies some concrete actions for a stronger social agenda in aviation in the short term.