Fundamental rights and the rule of law – The rule of law in European Union

Question: What is your main concern regarding the current state of fundamental rights and rule of law in the European Union?

Zoltán Taubner, Ambassador, Head of Council of Europe Liaison Office to the European Union

"I would certainly identify the risks for a restrictive regulation and legislation in Council of Europe Member states concerning civil society and civil society organisations, which makes their task to enshrine the diversity of the society more complicated. On the other hand, we also have challenges in the field of the independance of justice, independant functioning of the justice. And probably, the third element which I think is worth to be mentioned, is corruption."

Jacek Krawczyk, President of Employers' Group :

 The rule of law is a precondition of any business-friendly environment. Entreprises, no matter how big or how small, need predictability and a stable legal framework that is enshrined in the rule of law.

Oliver Röpke, President of the Workers' Group :

 The topic of fundamental rights and the rule of law is a very important topic for the trade unions and Group II of the EESC because without the protection of fundamental rights, the protection of labour rights is impossible.

For a culture of fundamental rights in Europe

Rule of law, Rights for all.