Côme Di Meglio

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Côme Di Meglio

Born in 1988. Lives and works in Marseille.

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Côme Di Meglio creates installations and architectures designed to foster greater sensitivity to the environment and to others. His spaces take on meaning by hosting collective experiences that explore the relationships between beings.

In 2018, Côme Di Meglio started organising introducing food into his practice, which led him to question the life cycle of the materials he uses. The incorporation of living organisms such as a mycelium represents an extension of this research, enabling him to realise an immersive architecture whose entire life cycle is part of the work, from its growth to its disappearance.

Video transcription

I am currently working on creating an architecture from a living organism: mycelium. It will be a monumental dome 3m high and 6m in diameter, which is fully compostable, and at the end of the exhibition I will be able to return it to the earth.

MycoTemple, 2022

Mycelium of reishi, wood waste (sawdust, straw, cardboard), vegetable wax

MycoTemple is a dome, six metres in diameter and three metres high, woven with the innumerable roots of a living being, mycelium, and over 50m3 of wood-based waste. Mycelium connects the trees within a vast web of shared resources and information similar to a form of consciousness.

MycoTemple is a space of physical and spiritual transformation and of experience, designed to host events that can give birth to new imaginations: performances, concerts, conferences, hypnotic dinners. Sensory immersion in this organism that has become architecture awakens our fundamental relationship with the living world. All the emotions, the dreams, the bonds born inside the dome will charge this porous organic matter. Finally, MycoTemple will return to the Earth, and nourish it with all this life.