Refuge: Private worlds in exile

The European Economic and Social Commitee (EESC) is hosting an exhibition by the French photographer Bruno Fert entitled "Refuge: Private worlds in exile".

It comprises a series of panels with portraits and testimonies, together with images of interiors in refugee camps and makeshift shelters in Greece and France, including the "jungle" in Calais.

The exhibition, which received the Académie des Beaux-Arts Award in 2016, is being staged as a cultural partnership between the Directorate for Communication and Interinstitutional Relations with the Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC) of the EESC.

The EESC has always put forward "key ideas" with regard to considering migration as a normal occurrence throughout history and human development, as well as the need to manage migratory flows into the EU in a legal, efficient, orderly and safe way, whether people are migrating for economic reasons or for reasons of international protection.

Reference: SOC/615 opinion Implementation of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration based on EU values; SOC/574 opinion The costs of non-immigration and non-integration.

Due to the pandemic crisis, and the measures taken by the Belgian authorities, the exhibition is being presented 100% virtually.

More information on the “Refuge” project: