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Aprobados on 11/07/2018
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Jul 11, 2018 Jul 12, 2018

Le CESE estime que la directive devrait présenter un meilleur équilibre entre les droits fondamentaux des personnes et la nécessité de garantir une meilleure application de la législation touchant à la lutte contre la criminalité et à sa répression.

Le CESE formule un certain nombre de recommandations concrètes, portant notamment sur les points suivants:

EESC opinion: Rules facilitating the use of financial and other information in criminal cases

Aprobados on 08/02/2018

Turkey’s geographical position makes it a first reception and transit country for many refugees and migrants. As the result of an unprecedented influx of people seeking refuge, the country currently hosts more than 2.7 million registered Syrian refugees and is making commendable efforts to provide them with humanitarian aid and support. The EU is committed to assist Turkey in dealing with this challenge.


EESC opinion: The role of Turkey in the refugee crisis

Aprobados on 29/03/2017
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Mar 29, 2017 Mar 30, 2017

The EESC believes that the current framework for international ocean governance is unable to ensure the sustainable management of oceans and their resources, and urgent action is imperative. However, the Commission and the High Representative still need to prioritise the threats currently faced by our oceans in order to adequately reflect the urgent need for action. One of the causes of ineffective international ocean governance is the existence of gaps in the current international ocean governance framework. The EESC recommends that the Commission and High Representative address these gaps and inconsistencies, but also that they increase compliance with existing rules, for example by improving the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The EU should refrain from proposing any new legislation when better or more coordinated implementation of existing rules and regulations would be more efficient.

International ocean governance: an agenda for the future of our oceans


International Ocean Governance

Factsheet EU Acting for our oceans

EU and International Ocean Governance

International Ocean Governance: EU's contribution

JOIN(2016)49 final: International Ocean Governance: an agenda for the future of our oceans

International ocean governance: an agenda for the future of our oceans: List of Actions

SWD(2016)352: International Ocean Governance: an agenda for the future of our oceans

Aprobados on 17/03/2016
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Mar 16, 2016 Mar 17, 2016

The opinion concerns two EC proposals, implementing the European Security Agenda: the proposal for a directive on combatting terrorism and the action plan against trafficking in firearms and explosives. The opinion is based on previous EESC work and its usual focus on protection of fundamental rights. The main conclusions concern the common policy against terrorism and the shared competence of the EU and the Member States, as well as the definitions of terrorist acts and types of them, terminology, the issue of anticipated crime and other risks of collision between security and human rights.

EESC opinion: Implementing the European Agenda on Security

Aprobados on 21/01/2014
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Apr 29, 2014 Apr 30, 2014

The ILO Governing Body in March 2013 has decided to include a discussion on the adoption of a Protocol to complement the Convention on Forced Labour and labour trafficking at the International Labour Conference in June 2014. For the EESC, taking into account the existence of forced labour and trafficking in many European and third countries, an own initiative opinion would be a strong political signal to the EU institutions and to the Member States.

Combating forced labour in the EU and the world: the role of the EU – the EESC's contribution to the 2014 ILO conference


Discours de M. Zufiaur à la conférence de l'organisation internationale du travail à Genève