Towards a Fair Food Supply Chain

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Nota informativa: Towards a Fair Food Supply Chain

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The EU Directive on unfair trading practices in the agricultural and food supply chain was adopted in April 2019. EU countries were required to transpose the Directive into national law by 1 May 2021 and apply it 6 months later. This is part of a wider governance agenda, which aims at achieving a more efficient and fairer food supply chain.

The entry into force of the Directive has significantly contributed to achieving a fairer food supply chain, and the need to deal with this issue at the European level has been recognised also owing to the opinions voiced by the European Economic and Social Committee. In November 2021, during the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council, the European Commission is expected to issue a report on the implementation of the Directive.

The upcoming Slovenian Presidency of the EU has requested the Committee to draw up an exploratory opinion on the effective achievement of the Directive’s objectives in practice, on Member States’ best practices in regulating the agri-food chain, as well as on the steps needed so that this process does not come to a halt.