For a resilient, sustainable and responsible European Union supply chain

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In this past year the combination of Covid 19, the geopolitical changes caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and renewed tensions in the Indo-pacific region increased the polarization of the relations. This had a negative long-term impact on the European political, economic and social dimension. The increasing contrast between policies and decisions of autocracies against the fundamental democratic principles highlighted the need for the EU to adopt a clear strategy to rethink and reorient the global supply chains thus reducing their impact on logistics, distribution and final services. Developing domestic capacities and diversifying sources of supply along the value chain will be instrumental to significantly reduce the existing strategic dependencies and avert the risk of replacing them with new ones. This is of particular importance in the area of critical raw materials, which requires a long-term and systemic approach.

The opinion intends to contribute to the design of the EU regulation on critical raw materials and to its follow-up, and could influence the political and economic decisions to be taken at EU level in the new geopolitical context.

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