Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski met Maurizio Reale, the president of the EESC’s NAT section

The links between the CAP and the EU Green Deal

The commissioner for Agriculture, Mr Janusz Wojciechowski, was pleased to welcome Mr Maurizio Reale on 19 February after their previous meetings at COPA-COGECA. While highlighting the difficult negotiations on the MFF, he pointed out the undeniable links between the common agricultural policy (CAP) and several of the new Commission’s objectives, mainly the Green Deal, along with the "farm to fork" and biodiversity strategies. In his opinion, farmers need increased budgetary support to take the necessary steps in this context. In the long term, agricultural policy must be able to develop a vision that is consistent with territorial development and the increased greening of practices. The commissioner is determined to defend the position of farmers in trade agreements.

The position of the EESC

Mr Reale supported the commissioner's vision and, in particular, his defence of farmers. While referring to his previous meetings with Margrethe Vestager (executive vice-president of the Commission) and Norbert Lins (chair of the EP's AGRI Committee, COMAGRI), he informed the commissioner that the EESC was the first institution to give its opinion on the CAP reform. The EESC also produced an exploratory opinion requested by the Commission before the Commission put forward its proposal for a reformed CAP. He informed the commissioner about ongoing work at the EESC. He expressed hope for close cooperation with the commissioner and his cabinet.

Green solutions should not lead to the destruction of agriculture

The commissioner welcomed the proposal for cooperation, which would fit in neatly with existing cooperation with COMAGRI. He stressed that the proposal for a reformed CAP, as it was currently on the table, would not be sufficient to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal. It is necessary, he said, to avoid creating too many divergences between Member States, regions and territories, while also promoting the fair sharing of efforts. Imposing administrative burdens is not a good approach and green solutions should not lead to the destruction of agriculture. He believes that the EESC could help to present the reform of the CAP as a positive opportunity for farmers.

The commissioner and Mr Reale agreed to implement their cooperation as soon as possible, via their respective teams, pending the Commissioner's participation in the June plenary session.