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8.30 a.m.     Breakfast at the Montforthaus Congress Centre 

9.00 a.m.   Welcome address and opening of the meeting 

  • Hubert Hämmerle, president of the Chamber of Labour in Vorarlberg 
  • Arno Metzler, president of Diversity Europe Group (Group III - EESC)  
  • Markus Wallner, Governor of Vorarlberg, member of the European Committee of the Regions 

9.45 a.m.    Presentation of the Preliminary Findings of the EESC Group III study (Summary) on Societies outside Metropolises: the role of civil society organisations in facing populism by the author Huw Longton (European Citizen Action Service)

PART I - The EU's problem-solving competence: dealing with societal challenges 

10.00 a.m.  Panel 1 - Is EU-scepticism popular? Shifts in Voting Patterns and Public Opinion 

11.00 a.m.  Coffee break 

11.15 a.m. Panel 2 - Democracy and the problem solving competence of the EU: The Role of Civil Society 

  • Moderator: Séamus Boland, vice-president of Group III 
  • Michael Diettrich, spokesman for the Conference against Poverty in Vorarlberg 
  • Dr. Walter Schmolly, director of Caritas Vorarlberg 
  • Ronny Lannoo, member of Group III 
  • Anne-Marie Sigmund, former president of the EESC and of Group III 
  • Debate with the audience 

12.30 a.m.   Buffet lunch in Montforthaus provided by Vorarlberg Chamber of Labour 

1.30 p.m.    Optional guided walking tour of the old town

PART II - The effects of EU membership on employment and economic progress

2.00 p.m.  Panel 3 - Costs and Benefits of EU Membership: Prosperity in Export-oriented Regions 

3.00 p.m.    Coffee break 

3.15 p.m.  Panel 4 - The Importance of a Skilled Workforce, Employment Prospects and Inclusion Policies 

5.30 p.m.  Closing remarks by Arno Metzler, president of the Diversity Europe Group 

+/- 5.45 p.m. Reception with musical accompaniment 


Programme_Can Economic Progress and Social Stability Cure EU-scepticism?

Programm_Wirtschaftlicher Fortschritt und soziale Stabilität als Mittel gegen die EU-Skepsis?

Programme_Les progrès économiques et la stabilité sociale comme remèdes au scepticisme à l'égard de l'UE?