Study on "The investment plan and the Social Pillar: a step towards a new strategy for Europe"


The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker last year presented the important "Jobs, Growth and Investment Package" and recently, in March 2016, the new strategy on a "European Pillar of Social Rights". The EESC is particularly interested in both serious commitments and the link between these ambitious and integrated social and economic policies.

President Junker declared that he would support a “Triple A” social rating and that his package could invest in policies that would advance the EU's social agenda.  The EESC Workers' group is focusing on the urgent necessity to establish a strong social pillar within the investment package. We want to support investments in social policies within the package that go beyond job creation and job access. Social investment is vital for both social and economic prosperity, and for achieving growth that is not only smart, but also inclusive. We firmly believe that it would ensure the long-awaited implementation of the Social Investment Package.

The Commission has previously pledged to advance the social situation of people in the EU, millions of who are living in poverty and are socially excluded. The investment package is a great opportunity to finally address Social Europe with concrete actions. The EESC Workers' group would like to focus on these investments, support the social pillar and relaunch growth and employment and trust in the European project.

Indicative calendar

  1. Launch of the invitation to tender:     estimated timing is 25/07/16
  2. Deadline for submission of offers:    05/09/16
  3. Contract award:  estimated timing is  03/10/16
  4. Draft report: within 6 weeks of the signature of the contract by all parties
  5. Final report: within 9 weeks of the signature of the contract by all parties


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Friday, July 22, 2016 - 23:59