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Statement by
President Christa Schweng
European Economic and Social Committee

Recovery from the current crisis, the impasse on long term EU budget and the future of the EU were the main topics of the discussion between the president of the EESC, Christa Schweng, and the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. The two presidents met virtually on 1 December for the first time in the current EESC term.

Staffan Nilsson

Through its activities, the EESC commits itself to promoting the European project, and it is aware that the European integration process needs the support of ordinary Europeans. The EESC supports the EP in promoting active and participatory citizenship, and it is ready to cooperate with the Parliament to the next European elections in 2014. For example, the EESC would like to help raise public awareness of these elections and to encourage Europeans to take part, and it can do this through its own communication activities, in cooperation with the network of EU economic and social councils and similar institutions.


Staffan Nilsson`s speech at the Conference of Committee Chairs in Strasbourg