Sustainable Design Award - Winners 2014

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Category 1 – Home and Trend Award

Company:              BWT – Austria GmbH


Product:                  E 1 – Einhebelfilter

Awarded for:         Sustainability       

The jury's reasoning:

The Einhebelfilter is a useful tool which facilitates the process of tap water filtration and therefore adds value for the consumer and is a beneficial contribution to society. Thanks to its ease of use, it allows every household to have access to high quality drinking water. Considering the importance of water as an essential natural resource, the jury believes the German example of household water usage is a valuable model to promote EU-wide.


Company:               E. Joosen Comm. V.


Product:                  The Book Seat

Awarded for:           Excellent Design

The jury's reasoning:

The Book Seat is simple, convenient, comfortable, and encourages reading, which is always an excellent brain-training activity for all generations.  Its excellent design allows the Book Seat to be placed on any surface and hence adapt to consumers' preferences. The fact that the Book Seat can be used for traditional books, e-books and tablets gives the product a unique flair, combining traditional and new media. This innovative concept with its excellent design therefore deserves European recognition.


Category 2 - Products from ecostyle and other trade fairs with an emphasis on sustainability

Company:               Green Wall Tec


Product:                  Mooswände

Awarded for:          Excellent Design and Sustainability

The jury's reasoning:

It is fascinating how moss derives everything it needs to live directly from the air. Consequently, these moss walls are a remarkable concept, which blends the idea of design and sustainability perfectly. Indoors and outdoors, these walls form a creative and trendy highlight which makes a feature of any wall. Furthermore, the product is environmentally friendly because of its natural consistency and its capacity for retaining heat and thus saving energy. It therefore offers an excellent basis for developing insulation techniques for the future. 


Company:               Vision Textiles


Product:                  Waste2Wear

Awarded for:          Sustainability

The jury's reasoning:

Recycling plastic bottles into eco-friendly fabrics is an excellent and innovative idea. Sustainability is what the EESC strives for and this product is an innovation that makes it possible to produce usable garments from environmentally damaging wastes. Nevertheless, not only are the products themselves sustainable, but Vision Textiles also employs environment-friendly procedures when transporting goods, thus minimising the carbon footprint by using reverse logistics. To make the world a better place, we need to give careful consideration to the resources we have and recycle them and this is exactly why Waste2Wear has received the award.

Category 3 - Designer

Designer:                WASSILIJ GROD


Product:                  Conbou

Awarded for:          Excellent Design and Sustainability

The jury's reasoning:

The "Conbou" is a product that has an excellent design and is sustainable at the same time. Bamboo is stable and resistant, which makes it a quality material. The EESC building itself has bamboo built into its framework, which is why the members are familiar with and appreciate the qualities of this natural resource. The Conbou innovative technology drastically reduces the amount of waste, so production is more environmentally friendly. The natural but cheerful 'sandwich' layout offers an excellent design concept for furniture, interior design and various other areas.