Single Market, Production and Consumption (INT)

The Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption (INT) of the European Economic and Social Committee is made up of 130 members and is responsible for drafting the EESC's opinions on matters relating to the smooth operation and completion of the single market.

It deals with topics such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, competition policy, industrial policy, financial services, small and medium-sized enterprises, the social economy, the circular economy, company law, consumer protection, research and innovation and the EU customs union.

The section is actively involved in the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.

On issues of particular importance to the Single Market, the section holds public hearings to consult the broadest possible range of civil society organisations.

Every year since 1999, it has also organised the flagship Committee event European Consumer Day.

The section also has a Digital Transition and Single Market Observatory to monitor developments in the Digital Single Market and propose ways to eliminate obstacles or make improvements to it.


INT Section priorities 2023-2025
INT Section - contributions to EU policies
End of mandate 2020-2023 – Alain Coheur, INT Section president
Activity report 2020-2023 – Louise Grabo, President of the Observatory of the Digital Transition and the Single Market