Temporary study group on the Digital Agenda

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The aim of the Temporary Study Group on the Digital Agenda (TSG DA) is to feed into the work of the sections in their specific areas of activity. It closely monitors the Digital Europe programme for the next MFF, the objective of which is to make Europe a leading player in digitisation, increase its economic strength and competitiveness on the world stage and shape the digital transformation in a positive way for all Europeans. The programme comprises five specific objectives: high performance computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, training and education and the modernisation of public administrations and services.

The TSG DA will focus on the following specific aspects:

  • positive examples of modern technology, in particular how to put people at the centre of innovation;
  • the impact of digitisation on labour, employment, qualifications and skills;
  • recommendations on how to enable a positive impact of digitisation in these areas;
  • new ways of evaluating the quality of human-machine interaction;
  • the impact of collaborative robots for a diverse population;
  • digital innovation hubs as digital support for SMEs;
  • the effects of digitisation on transport: electric cars, driverless cars, parking, smart cities, intermodal transport systems and the shared economy.

Because digitisation is a cross-cutting issue, the TSG DA cooperates on a case-by-case basis with other TSGs, observatories, categories and ad-hoc groups.