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Temporary study group on the Digital Agenda

Europe 2020 is the EU's main strategy for delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) is one of its seven flagships initiatives. The EESC supports the implementation of the DAE through a temporary study group (TSG) within the Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society Section (TEN).

Its mission is to work in close cooperation with the relevant stakeholders and the other European institutions towards bringing the EU's strategy and legislation on the information society more in line with the expectations of European civil society.

In this light the EESC had conducted two major projects on "Smart Islands" and "Smart Cities". In addition, a study on "The Ethics of Big Data" was published.

The following key areas of specific concern have been identified that need to be urgently addressed:

  • Equal access for everybody (e-inclusion)
  • The impact on the labour market and working conditions
  • The development and availability of online content and services
  • Protection of basic fundamental rights such as privacy, personal security and dignity
  • Data protection and Big Data
  • Influence on the economy.

The TSG monitors digital transformation and the impact on civil society continuously in order to identify the best way forward through opinions, conferences and public hearings.