The EU-Colombia/Peru/Ecuador Domestic Advisory Group

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The Trade and Sustainable Development Title of the EU-Colombia and Peru Trade Agreement envisages that each Party establish new, or consult existing, Domestic Advisory Groups or committees relevant for matters related to labour, the environment and sustainable development, with the task of expressing views and making recommendations on the implementation of the Title. Such Domestic Advisory Groups and committees shall comprise independent representative civil society organisations, with balanced representation of economic, social and environmental stakeholders.

The EU-Colombia and Peru Trade Agreement envisages that the intergovernmental Sub-Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development will convene once a year (unless otherwise agreed by the Parties), an open session with civil society organisations and the public at large to discuss implementation of the Title. The participants represent economic, social and environmental stakeholders and the Parties promote balanced representation of those groups.

In addition, the representatives of the EU Domestic Advisory Group and of the Andean national mechanisms agreed to hold annual joint meetings organised back-to-back with the open session. They provide an appropriate framework for structured, in-depth discussions on a broad range of aspects relating to implementation of the Trade and Sustainable Development Title. They also allow for the exchange of information and best practice and the preparation of joint recommendations to be presented to the Parties and to other civil society representatives at the open session.


Rules of procedure of the EU Domestic Advisory Group created pursuant to Title IX (Article 281) of the EU-Colombia and Peru Trade Agreement

Colombia Peru Ecuador EU DAG composition