Sustainable Development Observatory

Its core mission is to promote sustainability in the EU by advancing economic prosperity, social inclusiveness and environmental responsibility in an integrated and balanced way. The observatory is committed to fostering the active participation of citizens and civil society in making the shift towards a more sustainable Europe. It is the only body within the European institutions that is dedicated exclusively to advancing sustainable policies across all sectors.

Its members come from a wide range of interest groups, with expertise in all areas of our work and extensive outreach with civil society organisations across European Member States.

The Sustainable Development Observatory facilitates dialogue and partnerships between civil society and EU institutions in the field of sustainable development by organising public hearings, conferences, platforms for exchanging good practices, as well as workshops and impact studies, and by contributing to Committee opinions. What is unique about the Sustainable Development Observatory is that it brings together people and organisations from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds that would otherwise seldom meet, in order to connect and explore new ways to address sustainable development issues. We work together with similar bodies at national level such as sustainable development councils, as well as with social partners and other civil society organisations within and outside Europe.


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