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  1. Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries

    ... are among the key challenges now confronting European agriculture. Through the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (NAT) , we are working to ...



  2. Institutional Affairs and EU Budget

    ... social and territorial cohesion), natural resources (agriculture and fisheries), security and citizenship, foreign policy and ...



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    Opinion and Information report

  5. CAP simplification (exploratory opinion)

    ... and introduced immediately. Access of young people to agriculture should be supported. The EESC recommends that a rule on ... Hogan's speaking notes on simplification, EP Committee of Agriculture, 24 March 2015 Relevant presentations: CAP ...


    Opinion and Information report

  6. Civil society in the Euromed region

    ... assistance programmes aimed at supporting local SMEs and agriculture, regional development and social cohesion, and the opening up of ...


    Opinion and Information report

  7. Decent work in global supply chains (own-initiative opinion)

    ... guidance (in areas, such as textile and garment, minerals, agriculture and finances), trade aid, financial schemes to compensate damages, ...


    Opinion and Information report

  8. EESC Opinion: Agriculture and crafts

    23/02/2012 Adopted Reference:  NAT/530-EESC-2012-483 Opinion Type:  Own-initiative ...


    Opinion and Information report

  9. Enhancement of the EU-Turkey bilateral trade relations and the modernisation of the Customs Union

    ... in the regulatory framework of the new agreement: agriculture (with all the requirements set out in the opinion) services ...


    Opinion and Information report

  10. Promoting healthy and sustainable diets in the EU (own-initiative opinion)

    ... the latest CAP reform proposal to improve the response of EU agriculture to societal demands on food and health including safe, nutritious ...


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