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  1. Institutional Affairs and EU Budget

    ... social and territorial cohesion), natural resources (agriculture and fisheries), security and citizenship, foreign policy and ...



  2. Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries

    ... are among the key challenges now confronting European agriculture. Through the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (NAT) , we are working to ...



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  4. EESC Opinion: LEADER as a tool for local development

    Agriculture 21/09/2011 Adopted Reference:  ...


    Opinion and Information report

  5. Role of Agriculture in Multilateral, Bilateral and Regional Trade negotiations in the light of the Nairobi WTO Ministerial meeting (own-initiative opinion)

    Agriculture International Trade Summary As part of the 1994 Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (URAA), members of the newly established WTO (replacing the GATT, ... (DDA). The DDA covered the "three pillars" of trade in agriculture: Substantial reductions in barriers to market access ...


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  6. Promoting short and alternative food supply chains in the EU: the role of agroecology (own-initiative opinion)

    ... short chains and agroecology represent a new prospect for agriculture in Europe. Short-chain sales offer a real opportunity for small ... that agroecology is the horizon towards which European agriculture should work: farming inherently depends on conserving natural ...


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  7. European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (2014 - 2020)

    ... EGF will generally accrue to industry and services, whereas agriculture will have to pay the bill. Farmers must be compensated, but that ...


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  8. The Road from Paris (own initiative opinion)

    ... in the area of energy, transport, digitalisation, industry, agriculture, capital and innovation. Special attention should also be paid to ...


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  9. EESC Opinion: Accountancy data in agricultural holding (C category)

    Agriculture 22/02/2012 Adopted Reference:  ...


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