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  1. Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries

    ... are among the key challenges now confronting European agriculture. Through the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (NAT) , we are working to ...



  2. Institutional Affairs and EU Budget

    ... social and territorial cohesion), natural resources (agriculture and fisheries), security and citizenship, foreign policy and ...



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  5. Promoting short and alternative food supply chains in the EU: the role of agroecology (own-initiative opinion)

    Food sustainability Agriculture Zero hunger Life on land Key points ... short chains and agroecology represent a new prospect for agriculture in Europe. Short-chain sales offer a real opportunity for small ... that agroecology is the horizon towards which European agriculture should work: farming inherently depends on conserving natural ...


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  6. The role of EU structural and cohesion policy in driving forward the transformation of the economy in an innovative and smart manner (Exploratory opinion at the request of the German presidency)

    ... broadband systems to allow rural areas to develop modern agriculture and tourism activities. Cohesion policy instruments have been ...


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  7. EESC Opinion: The future of young farmers

    Agriculture 22/09/2011 Adopted Reference:  ...


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  8. More sustainable food systems (exploratory opinion requested by the Dutch presidency)

    ... Food security Rural development Agriculture Food industry Food safety Food ... of food-related policy objectives and instruments (e.g. on agriculture, environment, health, climate, employment, etc.) must be ensured ...


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  9. The farming profession and the profitability challenge (own-initiative opinion)

    Agriculture Zero hunger Life on land Key points ...


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  10. The role of civil society in the free trade agreement between the EU and India

    ... rights, women, consumers protection, the informal economy, agriculture poverty and the impact on the accessibility of basic products such ...


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