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  1. Agriculture, Rural Development & Fisheries

    ... are among the key challenges now confronting European agriculture. Through the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (NAT) , we are working to ...



  2. Institutional Affairs and EU Budget

    ... social and territorial cohesion), natural resources (agriculture and fisheries), security and citizenship, foreign policy and ...



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  4. The EU, Africa and China

    ... exploitation of natural resources and the environment, and agriculture and food security. Trilateral cooperation, however, can only ...


    Opinion and Information report

  5. Fruit and milk in schools

    Agriculture     09/07/2014 Adopted ...


    Opinion and Information report

  6. Towards an EU-Mercosur Association Agreement

    ... both parties and should not sacrifice any sector (such as agriculture or industry), region or country. The opinion therefore urges that ...


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  7. Inclusion of migrant women in the labour market

    ... caring for children and the elderly, hotels and catering and agriculture) as offering opportunities for less-qualified migrant women, ...


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  8. Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction (Communication)

    ... and natural carbon sinks, such as forests, conservation agriculture, pasture land, peatland, etc. The EESC considers that Europe ...


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  9. Benefits of extensive livestock farming and organic fertilizers in the context of the European Green Deal (EGD) (IR) (information report)

    ... EESC has been at the forefront of promoting a sustainable agriculture and a comprehensive EU food policy . The COVID-19 crisis has ... farmers and inclusive supply chains in the whole agriculture and food sector are needed more than ever to deliver equally for ...


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  10. EESC Opinion: Integration of water policy

    ... on its expertise in the fields of the environment and agriculture, the challenges relating to the impact of climate change in Europe ...


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