"Use-value" is back: new prospects and challenges for European producers (own-initiative opinion)

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Information memo: "Use-value" is back: new prospects and challenges for European producers (own-initiative opinion)


A major effect of the exponentially increasing productivity is that well-being creation (re-) turns from the production of lower costing quantities into the provision of specialized, certified qualities. In that sense the integrated use-value in the supplied goods and services becomes increasingly an important feature that gradually countervails the emphasis on the exchange value (prices). This development is especially advantageous for European producers: European competitiveness concentrates on the ability to provide specialized, diverse qualities, rather than competing in prices against regions with more extended economies of scale.

This EESC own initiative opinion should focus on the policy priorities that will strengthen thisre-orientation of European production and reveal a range of innovative business practices – including the whole marketing and commerce process - that can support new schemes of cooperatives of SMEs and autonomous producers/traders for strengthening their ability to focus on inhomogeneous needs by sustaining, at the same time, scale benefits in horizontal operations (marketing, logistics, access to raw materials, energy and information, etc).

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