Security of supply and affordable energy prices

EESC opinion: Security of supply and affordable energy prices

Practical information

  • Composition of Study Group
  • Administrator: Francesco NAPOLITANO, Assistant: Jacqueline NYEMA  
  • Adopted at the EESC plenary session: 13 July 2022


  • Europe needs an efficient energy plan, with different scenarios in case of energy shortages. This has to be planned jointly by the EU and the Member States: which responses for each scenario? How to use existing energy infrastructure efficiently, and how to develop it further?
  • The economic and political influence of energy supplied by third countries has an impact on the EU. It is now clear that, for those countries that do not share EU values, excessive dependence on their energy has to be weighted. The ideal solution would be to increase the production and use of non-fossil electricity in Europe to meet our electricity demand.
  • The EESC finds it vital to constantly and consistently go for a sustainable energy system: security of supply, reasonable costs and prices, and environmental sustainability.
  • Direct support to consumers is the most realistic option as an emergency measure. Any support measures aimed at mitigating the crisis should be temporary and targeted at those suffering most: citizens, small companies, energy-intensive industries. Consumers will have to take their share of efforts in reducing gas consumption.
  • The situation should only require temporary measures in Member States, avoiding distortion of EU markets for too long. Reducing the CO2 emissions of energy sources has to remain a priority objective.