Strengthening the EU Youth Dialogue follow-up via monitoring and transparency guidelines

Practical information


The EU Youth Dialogue celebrates its 10th Cycle and calls for further developments are linked to the upcoming evaluation efforts and to some long-term feedback from national youth councils as well as from young people themselves. One of the key domains in which development is needed is monitoring and dissemination. Clear and explicit guidelines are needed to set up a methodology and processes to ensure each upcoming Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue tracks outcomes (e.g. concrete projects, initiatives, policy changes) and impacts (e.g. improvements in various domains linked to the outcomes), and at the same time to ascertain that these results of the EU Youth Dialogue are communicated to all relevant stakeholders, with young people at the forefront of such communication efforts. The monitoring and dissemination guidelines would be utilised by the teams of the Member States taking up the Presidency of the Council of the European Union as well as the European Steering Group of the EU Youth Dialogue, and the European Youth Forum as a coordinating body of the EU Youth Dialogue. The aim of the monitoring and dissemination guidelines is to increase transparency and accountability of the EU Youth Dialogue towards young people and all other relevant stakeholders, and also to provide a long-term basis for ongoing as well as final evaluation efforts (e.g. at the end of certain periods).