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Joint Communication on Elements for a Strategy on Euro-Asian Connectivity

Information memo: Joint Communication on Elements for a Strategy on Euro-Asian Connectivity

Composition of the Study Group

Administrator in charge Gunilla Fevre-Burdy, Assistant Miroslava Grieco

Background info:

To make a further step change in that cooperation and to unlock opportunities within the global economy, the EU and Asia should ensure an efficient and sustainable connectivity. Connectivity contributes to economic growth and jobs, global competitiveness and trade, and people, goods and services to move across and between Europe and Asia.

This is why the Commission proposes the building blocks towards an EU Strategy on Connecting Europe and Asia with concrete policy proposals and initiatives to improve connections between Europe and Asia, including through interoperable transport, energy and digital networks.

Through this approach, the EU will enhance regulatory quality and level playing field of connectivity, drawing inspiration from its internal market. It will contribute to the development of transport, energy and digital networks, on the basis of its experience with cross-border connectivity. It will seek to strengthen its partnerships with third countries, regions and international organisations. It will increase cooperation in education, research, innovation, culture, sport and tourism, helping to promote diversity and the free flow of ideas. To support these different policies and actions, the EU should use all levers and tools in its financial framework to mobilise public and private investment in sustainable connectivity. A joint effort of the EU and its Member States for better communicating, branding and marketing connectivity projects and programmes with Asian partners will also play a crucial part in the success of the strategy.