Devising a European flagship initiative for health

Practical information


With this OIO, the EESC would call for a Flagship Initiative for EU health policy , whose vision would be to meet the health challenges linked to communicable and non-communicable diseases, and to environmental, digital and global transformations in health systems. It has four pillars:

  • The implementation of One Health, with interactions between human, animal, plant, environmental and social health;
  • Reinforcing the objective of digitising health and healthcare;
  • The accentuation of European sovereignty, economic prosperity and the promotion of peace on the continent, by promoting sustainability, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and European governance conducive to investment;
  • The fight against multifactorial inequalities, by complementing national social security and health insurance provisions and erasing inequalities in treatment between European health systems, which do not all offer the same protection to patients. Rare diseases represent a concrete need for greater solidarity in health in the European Union and within the Member States.