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European standardisation 2018

EESC opinion: European standardisation 2018

Key points


  • welcomes the 2018 standardisation programme but recommends that in future versions a summary of compliance with previous programmes be included;
  • calls on the Commission to maintain adequate budgetary resources and the necessary staffing to meet the objectives of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012;
  • suggests that the EESC could create an ad hoc forum on the inclusiveness of the European Standardisation System;
  • raises concerns regarding the Digital Single Market (DSM), whereby world-wide "de facto" standards are often driven by non-EU industry giants with negative consequences;
  • recommends that the European Standard Organisations (ESOs) should simplify the procedures for Annex III organisations to access the standards drafting process and as such "lower the barrier" for effective participation;
  • welcomes the different Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS) actions but also proposes to consider the indirect effects of the standard-setting activities on issues such as dislocation of jobs, inclusiveness of society, education and training, etc.

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