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European Philanthropy: an untapped potential

Information memo: European Philanthropy: an untapped potential

The objective of the opinion, requested by the Romanian Presidency, is to explore which measures and initiatives should be taken at EU and national level in order to promote organised philanthropy and eliminate barriers within the internal market that are hindering the realisation of its full potential, so as to maximize its contribution to EU values, such as cohesion, social justice and European Policies, and to the competitiveness of the European economy.
The opinion is expected to feed into the Romanian presidency programme and into the political priorities for the new Commission.

Practical information

Composition of the study group & calendar

Administrator in charge: Valeria Atzori / Assistant: Joëlle Doudard

Foreseen for the section meeting on 24.04.2019 and for the plenary session on 15-16.05.2019.