Equivalence of inspections - seed produced in Brazil and Moldova (modification)

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EESC opinion: Equivalence of inspections - seed produced in Brazil and Moldova (modification)

Key points:

The EESC endorses this legislative measure.

The Committee would, however, express reservations about one aspect: the proposal to grant Moldova equivalence for vegetable seed. These seeds, which are governed by Directive 2002/55/EC, are marketed solely as "standard" category, which does not require the official certification in order to be placed on the market, but rather self-certification by the manufacturer and, only after the marketing stage, any post-controls on the characteristics and quality of the product.

This system is based on the assumption of responsibility by the producer, which can be easily identified and traceable when based in the EU.

Traceability and control is certainly not a simple matter in the case of products of non-EU origin.

The Committee therefore would like to see a more thorough review by the Commission.


The Commission has examined the relevant legislation of Moldova and Brazil and audited the field inspection and seed certification systems for seed in those countries, and concluded that their requirements and systems are equivalent to the EU's and provide the same assurances.