EESC opinion: Health and Migrations

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EESC opinion: Health and Migrations

Key points

Access to medical treatment and preventive care should be provided as a human right to all persons living in the EU regardless of their status, in line with the Charter of Fundamental Rights which guarantees access to preventive and medical care.

Health should be included as an essential dimension of migration.

Health impact assessments should evaluate the potential impact of both health and non-health policies on the health of migrants.

Health of migrants at work should be prioritised. This should involve cooperation by social partners and the competent authorities to ensure that high standards of occupational health and safety are maintained in sectors in which migrants are commonly employed.

Health care treatment and preventive services should be developed which are culturally appropriate and sensitive without making any concessions to the ban on female genital mutilation.

Health professionals should receive ongoing training and professional development to assist them to provide for the changing health needs of migrant communities.