EESC opinion: Harmonised indicators in the field of disability

EESC opinion: Harmonised indicators in the field of disability

Key points

The adoption of a roadmap with the development of a set of indicators and quantitative targets to be achieved by Member States in a number of agreed priority areas, would be he right way to move forward and achieve progress in making equal opportunities a reality for disabled people.

The Commission and Member States should focus on gathering a reliable and coherent set of indicators, as well as quantitative targets in each of the statistical fields and policy objectives identified, for each Member State to achieve within a set time.

The High-Level Group on Disability should endorse a list of priorities for data collection based on existing ISTAT list.

Member States should continue with their efforts to gather data on disability based on surveys, which should be released on a regular basis, for example every second year.

The EU Labour Force Survey should assess the progress achieved on a more regular basis.

The European Commission should include in Eurostat surveys a coherent disability module including the above-mentioned elements, with regular reports to allow a proper assessment of policies, as well as identification of priorities.

National disability organisations should be involved in working out priority indicators for the individual Member State concerned.