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The future of live-in care work in Europe - Warsaw


02.00 p.m.   Registration

02.30 p.m.   Introduction

Adam Rogalewski (EESC)

02.40 p.m.   Testimony of the Ukrainian live – in care worker (tbc)

02.50 p.m.   Panel 1 and debate "The situation of live-in care workers"

Moderator: Adam Rogalewski, (EESC)

Keynote speakers:

  • Monika Szulecka, Warsaw University
  • Danuta Jazłowiecka, MEP (tbc)
  • Representative of a Polish Labour Inspectorate (tbc)
  • Dr Yuri Karyagin (president of the Ukrainian Trade Union in OPZZ) (tbc)
  1. What is the situation of live-in care workers?
  2. How are the employment and working conditions and status of the live-in care workforce distinct from the overall social care workforce?

03.50 p.m.   Coffee break

04.00 p.m.   Panel 2 and debate "The situation of care users and their families"

Moderator:  Janusz Pietkiewicz (EESC)

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr Sylwia Timm (DGB, Project "Fair Mobility")
  • Stefan Schwarz, Labour Mobility Initiative;  Representative of Polish Employers Organisation (tbc)
  1. What is the situation of care users and the families who rely on live-in care arrangements to meet their care needs? What are the challenges in recruiting and retaining live-in care workers?
  2. What support (if any) is available to care recipients when employing live-in care workers? What support is needed or desirable?

04.50 p.m.   Panel 3 and debate "The future of the social care system"

Moderator: Krzysztof Balon (EESC)

Keynote speakers:

  • Representative of the Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy (tbc)
  • Dr Rafal Bakalarczyk, researcher (tbc)  
  1. How common are live-in care arrangements as a sub-sector of care? Is live-in care expected to grow with the increasing demand for care? How can this translate into job creation and economic growth?
  2. Are current care policies at national level adequate to meet the needs of the population? What changes need to be made to strengthen the care sector in the short and long-term?

05.50 -  06.00 p.m.    Closing remarks

Adam Rogalewski (EESC)


The future of live-in care work in Europe, PL-Warsaw_Draft agenda